Fall FabFitFun Review

One of my favorite simple pleasures in life is coming home to a package at my doorstep.

*For some reason, my laptop is giving me trouble and not letting me upload my photos! For now, I am still going to post this review as I don’t want any more time to go by – aka, seasons changing – without sharing this while it is still relevant. I am on the hunt for the problem!*


That’s one of the reasons that I decided to try out FabFitFun, a delivery service that provides various beauty, wellness, and fashion items for one price, seasonally! I used to be an Ipsy member, where you receive five sample-sized makeup items each month. I LOVED that service but discontinued it only because I had eventually had a makeup collection larger than I knew what to do with; I still might re-subscribe to Ipsy later down the road, but I wanted to try something different. One of my good friends used to have this service and recommended it, and I wanted a variety of items instead of just makeup so I went for it.

I would give the FabFitFun box a “B”. To start, I ordered this package on 9/29/16, to which I received an e-mail stating it would be at my doorstep on 10/8, the following Saturday. Come Saturday, my order was updated to say that it wouldn’t be arriving until Wednesday, 10/12. If you’re anything like me, when it comes to new stuff you are impatient. I was so excited all week to get that knock on my door Saturday to my package, just to find out that it wasn’t coming for another four days. I know that this happens sometimes with shipping and I’m not totally angry about that; I was just frustrated because I hadn’t bought anything for myself in so long and I was so excited all week! Secondly, I wasn’t super impressed with everything in the box, when I really just wanted to be wowed by the whole experience.

My first positive thought about the box was that it smelled SO GOOD. The packaging was adorable (sorry, I didn’t pause long enough to take a photo before I ripped it all open) but once I got past the white tissue paper, I found the source of the scent, and one of my favorite treats in the box. It was a Spongelle body wash infused buffer in Bulgarian Rose. I swear it sat in its box and plastic packaging for a couple days unopened on my bathroom sink and even then, my bathroom was filled with the scent. I love the scent and the feel of the buffer, and how the scent clung to my skin most of the day.

Besides the buffer, my favorite and probably most useful thing I got from this season’s FabFitFun box was the blanket scarf from ModCloth. This scarf is soooooo soft and exactly what I look for in scarves – large, chunky, and super soft. I also got a color I liked – simple black and white! I saw some others in red and black and I wouldn’t have been as happy with those colors for what I already have in my wardrobe.

I was kind of disappointed with the mug in this season’s box. There is a pamphlet that comes in the box explaining all of the items in addition to notes from the founders of the company. It details that the mug is worth $16.00. I have to disagree with this; it might cost that much, but if I saw this mug in a store for that much  I wouldn’t have bought it. It’s made of a hard plastic, and although seems like it is durable, I just prefer my mugs and to-go cups to be ceramic or stainless steel. This is only personal preference! I do like how the decal on the mug doesn’t seem like it’s going to peel off after the first run through the dishwasher. I love the colors, too, so I will still use it, I just wish it was made of different material.

The other thing I was a little disappointed with, but mainly just confused by, was the Pure Cosmetics Nude Collection palette. I love makeup, and have more recently been branching out into some more expensive brands. I purchased the Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay over 5 months ago, and have used it almost every day since I bought it. I didn’t want to spend that much money on eyeshadow, but my heart said yes and I took the plunge. The Pure Cosmetics Nude Collection palette is an exact replica of the Naked 2 palette. Literally, the colors are all the same, just named differently, and in a hard plastic case instead of a metal one like the Naked 2. However, the pamphlet describes the Pure Cosmetics palette as being $50.00. I mainly just don’t understand how they can be valued at the same. My “salesman”/marketing major boyfriend explains that the formula of the eyeshadow could be the same as Pure Cosmetics but they just used cheaper packaging, but I still don’t understand why it would be almost the same exact price as the Urban Decay palette. Either way, they are virtually the same so it works for me!

I still haven’t decided if I am going to continue my subscription through next season, but I do love getting that package in the mail… Are there any subscription services that are worth checking out that people haven’t been disappointed by?


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