Goodbye, 2016!

I have to say “good riddance” to 2016.

I’m not going to miss it. I guess I can’t complain all that much, but I feel like I spent most of 2016 wallowing in self-pity, which is very unlike me and something I am wanting to leave far, far behind. I know it can be cliche to come up with resolutions but yesterday, I came up with an idea for how I want my year to look and I truly want to stick with it. I also plan on using my writing as an outlet to track my progress and stay motivated! Below are the ways I plan on changing my habits this year for a happier, healthier life:

  1. EXERCISE! This one is so obvious it’s painful, and I know this is almost everyone on the face of the Earth’s resolution for the New Year, but I really do want to exercise more! I feel like I am constantly tired and heavily breathing as I walk up one flight of stairs. I have a small frame and am by no means looking to lose a ton of weight, but I want to treat my body better and feel good in my skin. I know I can do better than I am, so I want to instill a sense of competition with myself and beat some fitness goals! Setting my mind to it and forming the habit is the hardest part for me; January will be a long month, but I’m determined to accomplish something more than sitting on the couch all night after work.
  2. PLAN! I find that if I don’t plan things ahead of time, I fall behind. In everything. Like, if I don’t tell myself what days I’m going to the gym before the week starts, I won’t go. Or, I’ll let days go by without doing important chores if I don’t have a schedule. I’ve let a lot go downhill in keeping up with my house and my life, honestly, so I want to set a schedule for myself to complete various things and get better at forming daily, weekly, and monthly habits. I see you, “wash sheets” on the calendar and gym days Mon/Wed/Fri!
  3. BUDGET! Another obvious one, but it needs to happen. I’m by no means rich and am just short of living paycheck to paycheck, and it seems that expenses never stop growing. Pair that with wanting children in the near future, maybe hopefully someday planning a wedding, and having any kind of savings and you’ve got me very far behind. I realize there are things that I could spend less on, like groceries – actually, just food in general. I probably spend the most money on food. But I don’t need to! I plan on finding other ways to cut costs and save some dough throughout the beginning of the year.
  4. MEAL PREP! Speaking of food, I feel like I got pretty lazy at the end of 2016 with making meals and then in turn, would go out instead and waste money. I want to spend one day a week prepping all of our meals (dinners and lunches) for the entire week so that I don’t have to worry about anything but cooking/warming up the meal from the freezer. Not only will this save the money I want to save but it will save on time AND cleaning! Which is the best case scenario in my opinion.

I’m so looking forward to this year, not only for these resolutions but because I feel like many big changes are coming my way this year. I’m ready to welcome everything with open arms, and would love some outside motivation!


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