Fresh start to the New Year

This week has been amazing!

For just a four day work week it felt like it took a long time to end, but looking back on what I accomplished in such a short amount of time I almost want it to start all over again! I managed to keep my goals in check and complete what I wanted to, while creating new goals for the rest of the month.

My goal with the most success this week was Sunday meal prep. We went grocery shopping on Sunday morning and I meal prepped for the entire week’s worth of meals before the end of the afternoon. It only took about 2 hours to cook and prepare everything and it made my life 100x easier this week! There’s just something about coming home and being able to throw ready-made food into the oven that puts a big smile on my face – all that time I’m not wasting slaving over the perfect meal where I can spend that time instead with my man and snuggling our kitties 🙂

Here’s how I meal prepped this week:

  • I  researched and planned out 6 freezer meals; meals that I could prep ahead of time, toss in a gallon-sized freezer bag, and cook in the crock-pot or in the oven for a short period of time. I tried to find recipes that had similar ingredients so I wasn’t spending my entire day in the grocery store and so that it would be easier to prep. The meals I decided to make were a chicken enchilada bake, baked ziti, chicken alfredo, chili, beef and broccoli teriyaki, and chicken tacos (which essentially required chicken, beef, and an assortment of vegetables, pasta, and sauces).
  • I cooked all the meat at once to save time and portioned out what I needed for each meal into a separate freezer bag. While the meat was cooking, I chopped any necessary vegetables and then to finalize each bag, added whatever ingredients were left in each recipe.
  • I stacked each recipe in my tiny freezer (I now realize I either need a new fridge or a separate deep freezer) and each night, I would put whatever meal I wanted for the next day in the fridge to thaw.

Let me tell you, doing this saved SO much time during the week. And, it kept my man happy too! Sometimes I forget he eats a lot more than I do, so even after all this time together I still am learning how to make enough food for the both of us when I am picturing just my own portion sizes. The meals I made this week were at least 4 portions, so we had enough for dinner that night as well as lunch the next day, but they were also hearty and filled us both up.

I totally plan on doing this next week, and hopefully for many weeks in the future! Not only that, but I started going to the gym again this week and I put in more time there (with a smile on my face!) than I have probably ever! I actually viewed it as something to look forward to instead of a drag, which was a very welcome change.

I think that I’m going to list the recipes I try out for Sunday meal prep every week, or at least try to. This will hold me accountable for keeping with a set schedule, and hopefully inspire some others to try the same!


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