Friday Favorites: Tarteist Pro Amazonian Clay Palette

I’ve died and gone to makeup heaven.

I’ve always loved makeup; can’t say I’ve always been good at it. I like to think in recent years I’ve gotten better (or at least I fricken’ hope so).

When I saw this small square wrapped package on Christmas from Luke, I didn’t know what it was. I thought, DVD? CD? I do collect DVDs, or at least I used to, and I could play a CD in my car. Did he know I already had Beyonce’s Lemonade? I tore open the packaging and lo and behold, it was an EYESHADOW PALETTE! I audibly gasped. How is it that this man I’ve known and loved for over eight years truly knows me?!? I couldn’t believe it.

all fingerprints now…

And it wasn’t just any eyeshadow palette. It was a Tarteist Pro Amazonian Clay Palette. A new, crazy popular eyeshadow palette in the exact shades I would’ve picked if I was physically at the store myself. Did he actually go into Sephora? How did he know this was a good one to get? How did he know I would want a palette?

As you can see, I’ve had some interesting experiences in the past with gifts from Luke. So this was a much welcomed and pleasant surprise that I am still swooning over since Christmas morning, which is not surprising since I use this palette every single day!

So this palette is a new palette from the Tarte Pro collection and includes 16 matte eyeshadows and 4 shimmer shades in a duochrome formula. These shadows go on. Like. Butter. It doesn’t even feel like I’m putting on eyeshadow, which is a big “yes” factor for me. The matte shadows range from a light cream, good for a base or for highlighting your brow bone, to a nice bronze, to a deep plum, perfect for a dramatic eye. I tend to lean towards the more neutral shades, but I’ve found myself getting a little more daring with this palette and using some deeper shades in my everyday looks. The shimmer shades are img_5284great for a little touch of sparkle in the corner of the eye or for a “going out” look.

I just learned on YouTube yesterday  that Tarte sets up their palettes by each row in the square is a set of shades that is meant to be worn together. What?! So simple I don’t know why I didn’t think of that to begin with, but I’m so glad I had that tip pointed out to me! Obviously you can mix and match however you want, but now I think about that every time I do my makeup in the morning. I pretty much stick to the first row (again… neutrals…) but I img_5285throw in some neutrals from other rows as well.

Someday in the future, whether near or far or maybe even never, I might convince myself to do a makeup tutorial but right now that’s a little too ambitious. For now, what I have to say is that I love the way this palette works and how rich the shades are. Each shadow goes on so smoothly and blends very easily, which is probably one of the best selling points for me. There are also a lot of looks you can create from just this one palette, which is kind of like a one stop shop!

I only have one other eyeshadow palette, Naked 2 by Urban Decay, which I’ve had for several months and love so much but I’m always looking for new makeup that people swear by! I like the tried-and-true, I’ll-use-this-brand-forever kind of makeup.


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