Friday Favorites: Little-known products

I love January strictly because I get to use all the new products I get for Christmas throughout the month.

Sometimes I make life-long relationships with said products; sometimes I don’t like them and never use them ever again. With that said, I got three new products this holiday season from my someday-MIL that I LOVE! My favorite new products to test are ones that aren’t name brand that most people have never heard of. And, with that, I also love discovering name brand products that everyone has heard of but that I’ve never tried and have fallenimg_5414-1 in love with! So I have a little of each.

The first is my favorite – Keyano Aromatics Green Tea Butter Cream. My MIL bought it on a business trip of hers (I believe in New York? I am not sure where)  but it looks like you can also get it on Amazon. It smells SO good and is very light, without leaving a super oily consistency on your body. It matches it’s name and literally is like butter. I’ve been using it after I shower at night and the smell is so fresh, I just sit there inhaling my scent. It’s wonderful.



The second is another big winner in my book – Michael Kors Fragrance Samplimg_5419er, with the scent White being my favorite. I’ve worn it every single day since Christmas. I’m not a big perfume person. On holidays or special events, I’ll sometimes spritz myself with an old Bath & Body Works body mist I have laying around. I don’t like strong scents and like something light and not overpowering. The scent White is my favorite because it is just that – very light and natural. The scent Gold is a bit more harsh, but I still think it fits in with the theme they have going on. Either way, I was impressed and happy to finally have a go-to scent to wear when needed – especially one that was given to me by chance by someone who didn’t know anything about the scents I prefer!

Lastly, I received something kind of cool – Moon Valley Organics Bergamot Geranium Moon Melt Lotion Bar. This small little hockey puck is essentially compressed lotion that literally melts in your hand. You just rub the disc in your hands and it feels like you’re using a dense lotion. It comes in a little compact case too, so it’s perfect for on-the-go or carrying in your purse! I love that it is environmentally friendly, too.

I should probably get rid of old products before I take in any more, but I’m a product junkie and various products are something I definitely hoard. What non-name brand products do you love and use?

xo Tausha

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