Almond Butter Protein Pancakes

I’ve always had a love affair with pancakes.

I think it’s because of my mom – she still claims to this day that pancakes are her favorite food. I always hear “pancakes” for breakfast on a weekend morning and I’m sold. So I try to make pancakes at least once during the weekend if I have the time, just because I love them so damn much!

Since I’m trying to stick to the healthier route with food lately, I decided to make my pancakes a little differently than I normally do. I am so glad I did, because I never knew that something so “healthy” could taste so good. I’ll probably be making my pancakes this way from now on.

With my new healthy eating direction, I’ve been trying to put new sources of protein in where I normally wouldn’t, hence putting almond butter in the title. It’s a learning process, figuring out what will taste good together and what the highest protein amounts are, but if anything it is making me a better cook! I couldn’t cook much of anything when I first was out on my own, as I grew up in a home that didn’t invest a lot of time into crazy-ingredient recipes. Eventually it just came to me, especially watching some of the things that Luke’s parents were making and getting really into researching recipes and cooking tips with the birth of Pinterest. Luckily, this health journey has not only literally helped my health, but some other skills in my life, as well!

Almond Butter Protein Pancakesimg_5560-1


1/2 cup flour
1 cup greek yogurt (I recommend Oikos Triple Zero Vanilla)
2 eggs
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
2 tablespoons almond milk
almond butter
fresh or frozen fruit of your choosing
maple syrup (I recommend real VT maple syrup!)
1. Combine the greek yogurt, eggs, and vanilla in a bowl until blended and creamy.
2. Add the flour and baking soda, stirring until just barely combined. If the mixture is too thick for your liking, add the almond milk (more than suggested if you prefer a thinner mix).
3. Cook on a griddle heated to 250 degrees, flipping each pancake once the outer edge bubbles.
4. Top with almond butter, fruit, and maple syrup. Enjoy!
*Tip – I found that cooking these was a lot different than regular pancakes. The mixture if super fluffy if left to sit. It doesn’t cook as quickly as regular pancakes, but the temperature can’t be turned up because then you risk burning them. Be patient – I flipped mine several times to get them to cook all the way through. They were worth the wait!

xo Tausha

12 thoughts on “Almond Butter Protein Pancakes

      1. Thank you! I actually was planning on using gluten free/wheat free flour myself but didn’t have any ingredients on hand. I should have specified that others can be substituted in my recipe. They’re stinking good with whatever type flour you use!

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      1. Hey lorieb, I actually did try some with protein powder and it was delicious! I don’t have a recommendation though, the protein powder I’ve been using comes from my boyfriend’s company and doesn’t have a label/rejected from quality control, so I don’t know the brand. The protein in my pancakes is the greek yogurt! 🙂
        xo Tausha

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      2. I made your pancakes this morning, but made a mistake by adding additional liquid (almond milk) because I thought the batter was too thick. I ended up with one huge pancake on my griddle LOL, tasty though!

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