Planning Our First VACATION!

I have only ever been on one real vacation.

And I wouldn’t even consider it a real vacation because it didn’t feature a relaxing time spent with Luke. It involved a week with both of my brothers, both parents, and my grandma in the “happiest place in the world” now forever referred to by me as the “most crowded, loudest, and stressful place in the world, Disneyland. I’m sure it’ll feel differently once I go there with my own children someday in the far away future, but I don’t reminisce on that week a couple years back as a hard-earned vacation.

Other than that, I’ve never been on what I would consider a “real” vacation – time off spent fully relaxing in a place of my own choosing. Luke and my idea vacation is an all-inclusive trip to the Caribbean, but we just aren’t there yet money-wise (or we could be, but we keep procrastinating and spending money on other things) and we are thinking about saving that trip for our someday honeymoon.

BUT an opportunity has presented itself recently that I think we are finally going to take up. Luke is an International Account Manager for the company he works for and has gone on several international trips in the 3.5 years he has worked there. Amazing trips that I have dreamed of but would never have dreamed that either of us could ever go on without a lifetime of savings dedicated solely to these trips that probably wouldn’t happen until retirement. He has been to Brazil, Columbia, Las Vegas, Florida, Amsterdam, Canada, Italy and England! Usually he hears of these trips only one or two months ahead of time which doesn’t deem it possible to come up with such an expensive airfare in such a short amount of time. However, it is almost official that Luke is going to London again this November… and now I have a whole year to save to go with him!

I don’t want to get so over-excited that my hopes are too high in the slight chase that they aren’t going on that trip, but you can bet that I’ve already started looking up London travel tips on Pinterest. I’ve gotten pretty good at saving the little money I have (not to say that I have a savings… this is part of my new resolution for the year that I am working very hard on) but I am confident from now until November I can gather enough money for this trip. This would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I am so looking forward to the possibility of it happening!

Until I can get some photos of my own when I am physically there… here are some photos that Luke took on his trip to Italy in May 2015!

xo Tausha


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