BBG Week 3: Accountability Day

I admit I had a harder time the past week than the previous two.

I just kept thinking, I’m so tired… and sore… and I don’t want to spend 30 minutes with my heart beating out of my chest. But I did it anyway. Last year, I would’ve listened to myself and just wouldn’t have done it. But like I’ve said before, I have a different mindset this time around.

I find what helps me the most during each circuit is if my mind is starting to fail and refuse to keep up, I switch up the order of what exercises to do next. If I really killed myself with the burpees in the first circuit of Full Body, instead of moving directly to jump squats in the third circuit I’ll do the lay-down pushups next instead. I figure it doesn’t really matter the order of how you do each exercise as long as you do them and do as much as you can in that seven minutes. And what that I truly am trying! 352293116c2256c355bcc400516d1d8d

Probably the biggest thing I’ve noticed the past couple weeks of exercising and eating well is something that was really debilitating my everyday life. I sometimes suffer from symptoms related to IBS, otherwise known as Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I won’t go into detail of what is involved with this condition, and you can probably guess, but there would be random times where I was in severe pain and not functioning at my absolute best. I’ve had this for several years, and I have several family members who have the same condition.At one point, my physician told me to try cutting out gluten and dairy, but I didn’t see that as a strong possibility given that I don’t eat a lot of meat (and I wasn’t committed to trying). However, since I’ve been exercising daily and eating mainly fruit, veggies, and protein, I haven’t had any of the symptoms I normally get with IBS! I don’t know if it is a coincidence or really because of the change in my diet, but if it is because of my diet I will never be eating another way again.

Overall, I am very proud of myself for the past 3 weeks and am excited to get through next week. At that point, I will have been doing this program for a month and you know what they say, “it takes 21 days to form a habit”. Well, I’m almost there! They also say that you start to see changes in yourself after 4 weeks of working out, so I hope that is the case, too. We will see how I feel next week and take some “progress” photos.

Until next time!

xo Tausha

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