BBG Week 4: Accountability Day

I didn’t think I was really getting anywhere with my BBG progress and then BAM!

I know it’s only been 3 weeks but I was a little bummed last week when I didn’t feel that great about my progress or notice a huge change. I’m the kind of person that has always wanted instant gratification – I went to college, I assumed I’d immediately be out of debt (wrong); I buy a house, I assumed I’d have it decorated and presentable within a couple months (wrong); I do one workout, I’m looking in the mirror for my abs (also very wrong).

However when I started this week, I quickly realized that instead of being able to only almost manage two rounds of exercises in each circuit, I was doing three! And without nearly as much trouble as the previous weeks! I was in the middle of straight-leg jackknives the second time around in the first circuit and thought, “Wait, I still have a ton of time left! How is this possible? Who am I?” And then I went on to do another round!


I was always very motivated with my academics and at work, but never was motivated enough to make big changes for myself and my body, both internally and externally. I finally have gotten to that point now that I’ve pushed through yet another hard week filled with little success, and now have gotten to even just one day where I am breaking barriers for myself. I have to say I am pretty proud of myself and happy to see where this can take me! I like the idea of being a version of myself I’ve never been before but have always admired and wanted to be.

xo Tausha

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