BBG and Life Update

It’s been a long week.

I feel like a year has passed in the only one week that actually has. A lot of stuff has gone on and it’s gone by with lightning speed, yet slow as molasses at the same exact time.

Unfortunately, I haven’t worked out with my BBG program since last Tuesday. I am extremely upset about this because I was doing very well, exceeding limits I didn’t think that I could even reach, and feeling better inside than I had in a long time. However, the stuff that has been going on with me has been health related and I didn’t think that pushing it with intense exercise was best for me this week. I am still kind of trying to figure out how to completely immerse myself back in the program again, and I’m finding it kind of difficult. I can’t really do the intensity I was doing just one week ago, but I’m almost there. At the same time, I’ve now had an entire week off; although that isn’t much time at all, my muscles haven’t been worked in several days and I don’t want them to revert back to the way they were and lose definition, mass, or any strength.

I was starting Week 6 of BBG before my little pause in the middle of all this action, so I think I am going to do a “slow” version of Week 5 to get my muscles used to the movements again and re-introduce them to all the exercises, and then restart Week 6 to make it through the rest of the 12-week program. Although I’m upset that I had to come to a stop, I’m also extremely happy that I know how to listen to what I need and when I need to take a break. My health and well-being is of the utmost importance to me for living a long and fulfilling life, and even though exercising is the best for me, sometimes things happen that you just need to make the top priority. Taking a break was the best thing for me this week.

*side note: What I’ve been going through has nothing to do with the exercise itself or its intensity – it is completely unrelated. Although it was minor, I’m not ready to share anything about it, but I didn’t want to scare anyone into thinking that it was related to this program! It 100% is not! 🙂

This week has also taught me that when one little bad thing happens to you, it is so important to keep on striving for what you want to accomplish. Don’t let simple things push your goals to the wayside. Keep going.large.jpg

xo Tausha

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